Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Restaurant Inspiration - Sushi

Sushi...not such a kid friendly restaurant meal. Most kids make faces at the thought of eating raw fish or seaweed. I know a lot of adults who do too. lol I personally love the stuff and make it at home. My son will only eat veggie rolls and my daughter will not go near it with a ten foot pole. My spin on sushi involves a lot of fun, kid friendly treats! All you really need to know how to do is make Rice Crispy treats!
Step 1: Make rice crispy treats according to box instructions.

Step 2: Pour out treats onto a buttered piece of parchment paper.

Step 3: Flatten out the treats into a thin rectangle.

Step 4: Add any candy you want to the middle that is pliable. I used orange and chocolate Tootsie rolls that I stretched out as well as a folded up piece of Fruit Roll Up.

Step 5: Roll up your sushi using your parchment paper to lift, roll and press down on your sushi roll. Wrap it up in the parchment paper and toss it in the fridge so it slices easier.

Step 6: Remove from fridge and wrap it in fruit roll ups. Slice into rounds with a serrated knife and serve.
I also made some home made crunchy chicken strips. I sliced chicken breast into fingers. I continued the rice theme and decided to use the Rice Crispies as the coating for the chicken strips as well. I dredged them in a beaten egg, then into corn starch, back into the egg then into some seasoned (salt, pepper, paprika and garlic powder) crushed rice crispies. I then shallow fried them in a cast iron pan and done. These end up very crunchy and delicious! In today's Goodbyn there is Crunchy Crispy Chicken strips with ketchup for dipping, Baby Bell cheese, cucumber slices, Kool Aid Jammer, thermos of noodle soup and dessert sushi.
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  1. AWESOME!!! I love making rice krispie treats, this is a fantastic idea! =)

  2. I love it Stacy, so fun!

  3. Yummy Yummy Yum! I love your bento today Stacy! Such great ideas!

  4. Although my kids are the weirdos who adore sushi I think this would be a hit as well!!