Friday, November 12, 2010

Another "3C's" lunch

Last week, as you may remember, we posted our first giveaway. We are giving away a free Goodbyn to a random participant who shows us what they have done with our "3 C's" challenge: Carrots, Cucumbers and Cheese. I didn't have my example up in time. Been making lunches but have not found the time to photograph. Anyhow, this week, I made another "3C's" lunch. I made a little crudite of carrots, sugar snap peas,  and cucumbers, with some dill dip on the side, some cheese cubes, and a whole wheat pita with hummus. Some of my colleagues have joking called these kinds of lunches my "picnic" lunches. But I'm on Weight Watchers, and I have come to enjoy having a little of this, a little of that in my lunch. Also, I find that eating this way takes a little longer, which helps me feel fuller when I eat. In Weight Watchers points, the veggies are worth 0 points, the cheddar cheese cubes are 3, hummus is 2, dill dip is 3, and pita counts as 1. So I have a whole meal here, for just 9 points, and I find I can't even eat it all.

So, there you have it! Link us up to your lunch using these items, and you could win a free lunchbox!


  1. Honestly Nancy, that looks far more filling than the WW frozen dinners for the same number of points! Good job!

  2. awesome Nancy! I love that you counted the points as well.

  3. I agree with Lesle! This is great!