Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Pinwheel Sandwiches

It would seem I am the sandwich queen, as most of my lunches contain sandwiches.  I promise, one of these weeks I'll post something different!  But in the meantime, here is a far more fun and creative way to serve a sandwich.

In the top section of my Goodbyn you can see some adorable little pinwheel sandwiches.  They are actually incredibly easy to make!  Start with two pieces of bread for each sandwich (there is one sandwich in the photo - I ended up making another one, just in case DH was really hungry) and roll each flat with a rolling pin.  I used Dempsters Ancient Grains for these particular sandwiches.  It worked well, but my homemade bread usually works a lot better.
Next, spread the bread with Miracle Whip or Mayonnaise.  Then add cheese (I use shredded cheese, which can get a bit messy, but I like the taste of it better) to one piece of bread. Next, add a tiny thin layer of mayo or butter on top of the cheese just to get the meat to stick to it, and add your meat.  I usually use ham or turkey.
Next, you will want to put the other piece of bread on top, slightly askew, and roll it up.  You'll want to have a piece of plastic wrap at the ready so that the rolled sandwich doesn't fall apart.  Roll it in the plastic wrap and you'll want to throw it in the freezer for at least 30 minutes.  At the end of the 30 minutes, remove the sandwich and the plastic wrap and cut into equal pieces to make the pinwheels.  The trick is to cool the sandwich enough that it won't fall apart when you are cutting it.  So trust me, keep it in for the entire 30 minutes or you'll end up eating most of the sandwich off the cutting board!  lol

Also included in the bento, a simple fruit salad with kiwi, mandarin orange and green grape.  A vanilla yogurt with a little container of granola on the side; a KoolAid Jammer; Cheese cubes, Swiss & Marble Cheddar; and a Chocolate Chip Cookie.
One of my favorite things about the Goodbyn is that lovely little section next to the drink compartment.  I will use it to add a little love note, or, on days like today when there is a lot of dairy in DH's lunch, I will throw in a couple of lactaid pills.  I find that if it is right in the lunch, it won't be forgotten, whereas even though DH has a bottle at his desk at work, he tends to forget to take them.  I am sure the case is the same with most of your kiddos.  So just a quick thought - if your kids have a medication they have to take at lunch, adding it to that cute tiny little section of their Goodbyn is a wonderful way to ensure they remember to take it!

With that I am off!  We'll see you next week!  Happy lunching! 

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  1. I never thought to use that section for medication etc. Normally I fold a napkin and stuff it in there. Good idea!

  2. Looks yummy Nena. I've made sandwich rolls before too, but I never thought to pop them in the freezer to help them set. Good idea!

    Oh, and no meds at school for the kiddos in our district. With a Zero Tolerance policy that's grounds for suspension. :-/

  3. that is silly!! What if they are taking antibiotics that have to be taken four times a day? Are you supposed to come to the school, ask them to leave the grounds and give it to them? Silliness.
    I understand why they wouldn't want certain drugs, like ADHD meds, anti-anxiety meds etc at the school, but certain things, like lactaid are needed.

  4. :shrug: They recommend you schedule the meds so they don't have to be taken at school. And if there is absolutely no way to do that, you have to take them to the nurse. The child can't have ANY type of medicine on them . . . and that includes cough drops.

  5. Great lunch- I want the fruit salad!