We're a group of friends who love our Goodbyns and want to help each other, and you, come up with some great ideas to fill up those bentos!

The five of us met online on a scrapbooking message board, so we have some similar creative interests . . . but we hope to bring our own perspectives to this blog considering we're making lunch for a variety of individuals. Something we'll probably always have in common is that we're all busy-busy, and we agree--packing our lunches bento style is good for the environment, good for our families, and good for our wallets.

This blog is geared toward our beloved Goodbyn bento, but we hope you'll bookmark us even if you pack your lunches in a different kind of box, because good food is good food no matter what type of container it travels in.

We plan to host a challenge every month so we can see your creative and delicious lunches, and of course, make new friends. We'll also be giving away a Goodbyn here and there so stick around for the fun!


Georgina :: I am from London in the UK. I purchased a Goodbyn (or 4 when I fell in love with it) because I wanted to pack my lunch for work in an environmentally friendly way and save some money at the same time. I love using long term food storage in my Goodbyn and am always on the lookout for new and exciting recipes to try. You can find my lunches here: http://www.goodbyn.blogspot.com/ and my personal/crafty blog here: http://www.itsjusttoorandom.blogspot.com/

Lesle :: I hail from Houston, Texas in the U.S. We (but mostly my beau Jamie) pack lunches for me and our three kids. My focus for this blog will be menu planning; quick, from-scratch lunches for busy households; and something special for the holidays. You can read more about our bentos on my blog at http://www.leslemora.com/bento

Nancy :: I live in Pennsylvania. I actually own 5 Goodbyn lunchboxes! I started with three, one for each member of my family, and because we sometimes forget them at work, I bought some spares. Each day, I make 1-3 lunches. One is for very picky seven year old, and is usually a peanut butter or cheese sandwich, one is for me, and mine has to be on the light side, and one is for my husband, who is on a high fiber diet. I am excited to get started on the challenges and break out of my lunch rut!

Nena ::  I'm from Saskatchewan, Canada. I was finally able to track down a Goodbyn after drooling all over my keyboard staring at photos online for a long long time. Needless to say I am VERY excited about it. I am a Beatles-loving hippie who promotes peace, love, and helping the earth stay green... as well as keeping more green in my wallet! I work from home and have a two year old son and another on the way, so I only pack lunch for my husband. I also live where there literally is sometimes snow 9 months out of the year. So my Goodbyn lunches tend to be healthy hearty meals for the hungry husband! If you want to hear more about me and my crazy life, as well as read some other money-saving menu ideas you can check out my blog at http://naturallynena.blogspot.com/ but I will warn you it's pretty random - just like me!

Stacy :: I'm a stay at home mom of two from Southern Ontario, Canada. We, as a family, have been on a quest to simplify our lives and SLOW down. I enjoy vegetable gardening and preserving. I also enjoy cooking and will focus my lunches on leftovers and picky eaters. Lesle was the first person to introduce me to the Goodbyn and I have been hooked ever since she graciously sent us our first boxes. She had heard about how my son's elementary school is quite eco-friendly and promotes litter-less lunches. The Goodbyn has been my savior. No more washing 8 containers, no more losing lids and no more needless packaging and waste! If you want to read about my family's quest, come visit us at http://simplifying-the-simpsons.blogspot.com/ I will TRY to update the blog more often!