Monday, October 25, 2010

The Mummy

It's lunch time!  Our first Halloween Goodbyn of the year is packed with yummy mummies.

It's crazy simple to make dough, but I made this lunch even easier by using canned biscuits--rolled out with a wee bit of flour so they don't stick to the counter, and then quickly sliced into thin strips with our trusty pizza cutter.  I randomly wrapped the biscuit strips around a hot dog (you can use a tiny bit of water to help secure the dough edges so the strips don't unwrap).  I decided at the last minute make some eyes with bits of raisins, and baked them per the biscuit directions.


Just a little Halloweenie (D'oh!) fun in the Goodbyn today.

Also included in the bento:  Capri Sun Roaring Waters, grape salad, chips, Halloween pretzels (from Grandma, so I'm not sure what they look like), cheddar cheese cubes, cucumbers, and Ranch dip.


  1. How did the hotdogs hold up by the time it was lunch? were the buns .. err I mean bandages soggy?

  2. We put a paper towel under the mummies to catch the condensation. We made these mummies last year also and didn't have any problems with soggy bandages. LOL

  3. LOL I love these Lesle! Great idea

  4. Those weenies look yummy. Might have to make those for dinner tonight! Or for our Halloween party this weekend. Cool!

  5. These are adorable Lesle! I love them!

  6. Oh crap, that is adorbale! I haven't used Declan's Goodbyn this year yet, this just may inspire me!

    And, if I get really inspired, meebe I can be a contributor here and be famous like you gals are!