Friday, October 29, 2010

Candy Corn Pizza Bread

For a fun Friday lunch I decided to surprise my husband with a few treats in his Halloween Goodbyn.

A made him a simple deli sandwich, but used a groovy ghost cookie cutter to give it a little more character.  I also made some pretzels that I covered in white and milk chocolate and covered in Halloween-colored sprinkles.  They were simple to make and absolutely delicious (I won't lie - I made a few extra to eat myself!). 
My favorite little addition was the Candy Corn Pizza Bread.  I used the Quick Mix from my blog to make a simple pizza dough, spread some ranch dressing over it and put mozzarella cheese in the middle and orange cheddar around the edges.  I made it look like candy corn by cutting it into wedges. 
The middle section where your drink container fits I used to put an orange and some carrot sticks.  As well as some dip for the carrots, and some Reece's Pieces on the side compartments.  I also sent him with a small container of mixed fruit.  A simple and fun lunch, but one that made him smile with the addition of a silly little Halloween joke tucked in the corner.

I hope you all have a wonderful Halloween weekend!  Thanks for stopping in for our Ghostly Friday Goodbyns!  If you are wanting the recipes for either the chocolate pretzels or the Pizza dough you can find them both on my blog, Thoroughly Modern Me.



  1. I love the mini pizza idea! Well done Nena!

  2. LOL Nena - I bet your husband loved you when he opened his lunchbox to discover a ghost! :) LOL

  3. lol G, he laughed and after work told me he ate it very quickly so that his coworkers wouldn't see! lol