Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Pumpkin Time

Another bento filled with Halloween spirit!

We used leftovers from last nights dinner to stuff pumpkin-shaped biscuits.  I used the canned biscuits again to save time--they work so well.  We had Sloppy Joes last night and they were yummy.  Jamie's recipe is great for sneaking some vegetables into the kids' diet and they are never the wiser.  He chops up carrots, onions, spinach and celery in the food processor.  Mixes and cooks the veggies with ground beef.  And then coats the concoction with a sauce made of brown sugar, ketchup, Worcestershire and vinegar.

Delish I tell ya!

I rolled out the biscuit large enough to cut two 3.5" pumpkins, topped one side with a tablespoon of Sloppy Joe mix and layered the other side over the mixture, sealing the sides with a bit of water.  Jamie suggested I make steam holes, which I did with a toothpick.  After brushing over them with a little bit of egg, I sprinked some kosher salt and popped them in the oven per the package directions.

They came out so cute.  Thank goodness!

Also included in the bento:  Capri Sun Roaring Waters, strawberries lightly dusted with sugar, crackers, cheese stack, cucumber and carrot sticks with Ranch dip, and marble cake.


  1. What a cute idea Lesle! Love it!

  2. I'm going to use this idea for sure! Even though I don't own a goodbyn ;)

  3. LOL That's okay Erin, I think they'll fit in a regular lunchbox too.

  4. You girls are so creative it's ridiculous!!

    I have the same cookie cutter - I am definitely going to have to do this one too... maybe even tonight!

  5. LOL Nena sounds like you will be busy! :)