Thursday, October 28, 2010

Halloween Goodbyn for the Office

I've absolutely love all the ideas the other lunch bunch members have created this week. I can't get enough of the cute mummies - My lunch idea is a little more for the grown ups though - or teenagers perhaps - in fact this lunch is for grown ups who want to please their inner child!! LOL (I still like a little bit of cute to brighten my day!)

I take my lunch to my work, in an office. This is my desk and where I eat my lunch! Lunch is the best part of my working day!

I have found since I have owned my goodbyns that people are more interested in what I eat for lunch everyday! My colleagues ask me what I have, ask how I made things etc. It's a real talking point and as soon as I slip the lid off someone is peeking in! Most of the time they express how disappointed they are in with their own lunches, ooh and ahh over mine and I just smile and tell them to get a goodbyn!

Anyway, I digress! I am here to share my Halloween themed lunch with you!

For my sweet I have a small key lime cheesecake. Lime is a great for Halloween because of the bright green colour. I've also added a paper napkin with a Halloween design on. It's the little things that make lunch that little bit extra special!

For my main I have samosa which is filled with potatoe, spinach, peas and green beans with lots of lovely Indian spices. Again I chose this because it is mainly green and fits with my theme. The little Happy Halloween sign I picked up really cheaply - it is actually a cake topper but the perfect size to fit in the goodbyn. I also got some pumpkins and skeletons too and plan to use them for the rest of the week. Again, its a simple little touch that I think elevates my lunch from the "normal" and kind of states plainly what I was trying to achieve!

Its worth checking out your food shops for halloween themed items. I found these little crisps (potatoe chips) made in the shape of spiders webs.

And of course, it wouldn't be Halloween without a little candy! These little eggs are from cadbury and consist of a skull chocolate head filled with red caramel! Mmm delicious! :)

I've added to my goodbyn lunch with a fruit salad and some cucumber and pepper too.
I hope that inspires you to create your own Halloween themed lunch this week!


  1. It looks delish G. We're definitely going to have to try a take on the samosa. Just looking at it is making me hungry!

  2. G I love it! Those samosas looks yummy!

  3. I am loving it Georgina!!! Those samosas look DELICIOUS! Yum yum yum! You are so creative! I am definitely going to be taking a few ques from you for DH's lunch.