Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Chicken Salad Croissant-wich

So I made a delicious holiday-themed bento this morning, and when I went to take a photo of it, my camera batteries were dead.  And if you think this pregnant woman had any idea where she put the extra battery and charger you would think wrong.  I am completely useless when it comes to remembering things lately.  So instead, I am going to post an older bento of mine.  In fact, the very first bento I ever packed for DH.  I was so excited to use his Goodbyn the first day.  This is also a great idea for using up some post-Christmas poultry, or even some of that Thanksgiving Turkey you still have kicking around in your freezer.  Man, I'd hate to be a Turkey this time of year.

So for the "main event" we have a Croissant that I made some yummy chicken salad to tuck inside.  I put the chicken salad in a separate compartment to prevent the croissant-wich from getting soggy.  The chicken salad is super easy to make.  Arby's in the US used to have these awesome Chicken Salad Sandwiches on their Market Fresh menu.  Not a word of a lie, any time I went across the border I HAD to go to Arby's to get one of these sandwiches.  Canadian Arby's didn't carry them even after we got the Market Fresh menu.  Then, a couple of years ago while down in Utah, we arrived at Arby's.  I was eagerly awaiting my favorite sandwich only to find out that they no longer carried it!!!  I was pretty upset.  Needless to say, I decided to try and copy it myself, and this is my version.  It's not exactly right, but it's pretty close.  Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find a replacement for that delicious bread - so I usually use a croissant.  Why?  Well, because I love Croissants!  lol
I always make a big batch of this with any leftover rotisserie chicken or a roast turkey or anything that we happen to have.  I also don't have measurements.  Sorry.  I am one of those "a little of this, a little of that" kind of cooks!  lol
Tear up the chicken/turkey into small, bite sized pieces.  You will need some red grapes, halved; craisins; celery, chopped up into small pieces; sliced almonds or walnut pieces; and miracle whip or mayonnaise.  Toss all the ingredients in a bowl and mix.  I add the mayo a spoonful at a time until it reaches the consistency I want.  It changes depending on how much chicken I have.
Anyway, this is a delicious and slightly sweet addition to your bento rotation.  I hope that you like it if you try it!  The photo is so deceiving, unless you have a Goodbyn you don't realize how big that area is, and that there is quite a bit of chicken salad in that little compartment!  DH ended up having too much to put in his croissant.
Also included in this Goodbyn, a pear, sugar snap peas, licorice, a juice box, and a little love note!  lol

Anyway, I hope you all have a fabulous week and that this gave you some ideas on how to use up some of your own leftovers, or how to think outside of the (brown) bag; at least when it comes to sandwiches!


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