Thursday, February 3, 2011

Empty Space

When I first got my Goodbyn I made it my mission in life to fill it to the brim with delicious foods. It was (and still is) so much fun to prepare a homemade lunch. I was scared of empty spaces in the box, worried it might not look as pretty! LOL Seems a funny thing - but it really was a case of "ooh what can I fit in that space".

Now - I'm not so worried! I embrace the empty spaces in my lunchbox - so I don't want a drink today, I won't take one. I can see a purple base where my silverware is - never mind. I have plenty of other things to worry about - my lunchbox isn't one of them ! :)

I have empty spaces in my lunchbox sometimes and I'm okay with that!! :)

(goodbyn today contains ham, cheese and beetroot salad. Canned peaches and a coconut cake)


  1. I too have empty space issues! lol I have yet to be able to embrace the space though lol

  2. Me too Stacy, but if you think about it, filling up the bento is a LOT of food.

  3. It's like you read my mind, i go through that every day! Luckily the boy eats 90% everyday! I just try and spread things out to make it look fuller =) hehe